Tito Sotto Plagiarist

Tito Sotto: The Great Translator

And he did it again! Congratulations senator. It is, indeed, a great act of faking another turno en contra privilege speech regarding the Reproductive Health (RH) bill on Wednesday.

Tito Sotto Plagiarist

Tito Sotto

Translating another’s work in your vernacular language does not merit its authenticity. And yes, this is another form of plagiarism. For those who speak the Filipino and English languages, you will definitely notice that it was directly translated then,  partially spun to adjust to his mother tongue.

[toggle_framed title=”Tito Sotto’s Speech”]Ilan ang magiging dakila sa pagbali ng kasaysayan, subalit bawat isa sa atin ay maaaring kumilos, gaano man kaliit, para ibahin ang takbo ng mga pangyayari. Kapag pinagsama-sama ang ating munting pagkilos, makakalikha tayo ng totalidad na magmamarka sa kabuuan ng kasaysayan ng henerasyong ito.

Ang mga hindi-mabilang na iba’t ibang galaw ng katapangan at paninindigan ang humuhubog sa kasaysayan ng sangkatauhan.

Tuwing naninindigan tayo para sa isang paniniwala, tuwing kumikilos tayo para mapabuti ang buhay ng iba, tuwing nilalabanan natin ang kawalan ng katarungan, nakakalikha tayo ng maliliit na galaw. Kapag nagkasama-sama ang mumunting galaw na mga ito, bubuo ito ng isang malakas na puwersang kayang magpabagsak maging ng pinakamatatag na dingding ng opresyon.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Robert Kennedy’s Speech, Day of Affirmation Address”]Few will have the greatness to bend history; but each of us can work to change a small portion of the events, and in the total of all these acts, will be written the history of this generation.

It is from numberless diverse acts of courage such as these that the belief that human history is thus shaped.

Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Tito Sotto’s Speech – Google Translated”]Some will be great in breaking the story, but each of us can take action, however small, to change the course of events. When combined together our little act, we create a totality that mark throughout the history of this generation.

The non-countless different motions of courage and commitment are shaping the history of mankind.

Whenever we stand for a belief, when we act to improve the lives of others, when we resist injustice, we are small generative motion. When nagkasama together the ripple moves them, they constitute a powerful force can knock even the strongest walls of oppression.[/toggle_framed]

When you search and check for plagiarism points of the Google translated version, his speech will definitely show 0% points – meaning it passed the plagiarism check. Yes, it would! That’s why people are being hired for spinning and this is one of the best and effective tools in SEO to get more points from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This has been circulating around Facebook which will give you a comparison of both speeches. What do you think?

Vicente Sotto and Robert Kennedy

Vicente Sotto and Robert Kennedy Speeches

It is not surprising when he actually mentioned to the media that he claimed that he wrote it and never attributed Kennedy’s Day of Affirmation whatsoever.

Adrian FoxyReign on Firmoo

Firmoo Glasses

It is very rare that you would find an online store that offers prescription glasses and fashionable shades for a low cost.


Firmoo Full Frame Shades

Firmoo contacted me recently to try one of their glasses. I was skeptical at first because I rarely accept such offers since I wanted to keep my blog as personal as possible. And yet, when I looked at their product line, they are promising! Until the shades were delivered to me!

Firmoo Glasses

Firmoo Glasses

I was not really expecting that it would come so fast – roughly around 3 working days after they confirmed that they shipped it. It comes with a nice hard case, a non-lint cloth, some spare screws and microscrewdriver and a black velvet pouch to keep your shades handy and protected while inside your bag.

Although I have a perfect 20/20 vision, this does not mean that the shades or other prescription glasses they offer would not fit you. What I really like about the website is that you can actually preview what the glasses/shades would look like on your face. Just upload a mugshot, set some key points on your face and choose your preferred design. This is just one of the reasons I like online shopping.

Last weekend, after my usual Sunday gym routine, I made use of the bright daylight to take some narcissistic shots using my camera. It could have been better if I used a more controllable light with a decent white background. You would notice that my shoes, clothes and an eyesore of orange plastic bag is hanging by the door.

Anyway,  this is just to show off my tan and my progress so far. And yes, you are right! Although the shades I picked is primarily designed for women, it seems it could fit well for a unisex face; or maybe my facial features are soft enough to fit into the full frame shades.

World Suicide Prevention Day

It was a few minutes past 6 in the morning of Thursday, 31st of May, that a bunch of people working at Paypal and CSC, including us, Ron, Vange and I, were inside the lift going down to the ground floor. We usually take the CSC bus going home because it is convenient as it passes through the LDP highway where Vange lives and stops at Kelana Jaya where Ron and I can take the train to home.

After a few meters walking away from the small No Parking sign standing by the centre of the roundabout concrete pavements of the lobby, a deafening sound was heard – there were shattered glass everywhere! I looked back trying to identify if it was a black plastic bag that fell from the top floor because it was still dark. A few blinks of my eyes and I suddenly felt the shivering goosebumps from the back of my nape realizing it was a distorted figure of a human on the floor.

People have reasons why would they want to end their life in a miserable act. These are people who have no other means of escaping from their problems in which they felt helpless and nowhere to turn to. Death has never been a good event for me. I guess this has something to do with change, wherein, humans, will always have hard time coping to any major change – including death of a loved one.

World Suicide Prevention Day

This coming 10th of September, let us take a moment at 8 PM, to light a candle near your window as an awareness of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Araw ng Pandaigdigan Paghadlang sa Pagpapatiwakal

On how we can help these people who are at high risk of committing suicide and offering them your ears and instilling hope. Let us find ways how we can prevent such tragic events without losing a life.

Find them on Facebook. Maybe you can help.