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Stronglifts 5×5 – First Update

Considering that during the last two weeks of December of last year, even how much I avoided any food, since it was the holidays and I was on vacation, there was no point of doing so. So I decided to just eat whatever what was on the table and added some local creatine ethyl ester pills in my supplement list to bulk up some mass. Since my body fat percentage was almost at the borderline of being unhealthy, two months after of no cardio workouts and with all the simple carbohydrates that fueled my workout, I gained 5 kilos of weight and skyrocketed my fat percentage to 22.5%. That frustrated me.

So I looked for a linear progressing exercise program that would make me stronger and revisited my MyFitnessPal diary where I used to log my food intake two years ago. I found Stronglifts 5×5.

I will be keeping a complete workout log, record my progress, food log intake, any measurement, goals etc. The data points are not enough to make some good observation on my progress. I’ll definitely post another update after a month… that is as soon as I recover from my lower back pain.

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If you can’t use the interactive charts, go to my Stronglifts 5×5 chart source.

Earlier, I wore my gym belt higher than the usual because it felt more comfortable doing the maneuver as it compresses my upper abdomen but I was so wrong! It did not provide any support to my lower back hence, I felt a very sharp pain on my erector spinae on my fourth, and final set; I failed to complete 5×5. At the first place, I should have started less than 80% of my 1-rep max with this program but of course, I did not. You can even see that I stalled already and deloaded the weights on my second week.

Hopefully after two days of rest, I am recovered without any herniated discs or sciatica.

Soon, I will post charts on my body composition.