Hair Color Transformation

For the past 6 months, I have been training heavily – just strength. I might have slipped some cardio exercises but it would be less than 20 hours for this year (that’s new for me considering I used to attend group classes a minimum thrice a week!), that’s how I have been wanting to gain muscle mass. It is working well until I crashed because of sciatica and intermittent fasting.

Adrian Cuyugan

What’s more noticeable is my hair color, not my physique hahaha.

Losing 2 kilos of fat mass is not really significant but I am still stuck at 58kg FFM. I better lift heavier and eat more to reach my goal. With impending classes for my masters, I do not know when to sleep anymore considering I will still be working full time.

FoxyReign's Body Composition

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