LoveYourSelf Inc., via Project PrEPPY (PrEP PILIPINAS), is making PrEP available in the Philippines. I have signed up last year and I received the invitation a month ago.

Last weekend was my appointment to have my overdue HIV testing. It was my first time doing it at LoveYourSelf Anglo because I always do it at DOH Marikina since it is just 5 minute walk away from our house. Both of them offer confidential free testing and provide counseling before receiving the result.

Since I am included in this pilot study, as an additional benefit, I will be provided with free pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV for the next few months, even after the study finishes in a year from now. Compared from the usual questionnaire, signing up for PrEPPY have more specific and personal questions about my sexual lifestyle, knowledge on HIV prevention and PrEP and also will be required to periodically be tested for HIV, STIs and monitor my health particularly kidney function.

As to much overdue (yes, again) cardiologist checkup, my PrEP doctor requires me to do a complete blood chem and I need to visit my cardiologist soon so I would know the status of my heart, specially my valves, as I have not been taking another prophylaxis for my rheumatic heart disease. On top of the log, I also nee to monitor my blood pressure for the next few days so I can show something to my PrEP doctor and cardiologist.

I will be logging my pill intake, sexual activity and also record feedback from friends and some people regarding the social impact and feedback they’ll be giving during the course of the study.

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