Who is FoxyReign?

FoxyReignWARNING: I am susceptible to flagrant flattery. (^o^)

I admire people who do not live beyond their existence, people who are true to themselves. Of course, he must have a good sense of humor (I know it is cliche).

Name is Adrian Cuyugan.
I am 174 cm and around 70 kilos.
Blue is my favorite color.

*inserts narcissism here*

  • I used to be fat during elementary, then very slim in high school, now I am maintaining a good physique (at least, that’s what others say).
  • I didn’t like cleaning my room, but times have changed, sometimes, it takes me an hour each day to clean where I live. Matured enough?
  • I need at least 6 hours of sleep to be active the whole day – that is, if I don’t feel exhausted from partying last weekend or overtraining myself from the gym because I can lie down on the bed having vivid dreams for 12 hours straight!
  • I maintain my active lifestyle by dancing at the gym, doing yoga and lifts, singing, taking pictures and post processing them. Fun! ♥
  • I enjoy staying in my room writing articles for this blog and spamming my social network. True! You wouldn’t know how much I spend checking Facebook and Twitter, and some mobile-based social media platforms, name them all, you might find me there.
  • I am quiet at most times for I am an INTJ (based on Myer-Briggs Personality Type).
  • I am very independent, but I can also adjust myself and be a natural extrovert, from time to time, whenever the need arises.

Have mercy on me for I am undergoing continuous prophylaxis treatment for Rheumatic Heart Disease where I get painful penicillin shots every three weeks. After I moved here to Malaysia, the injections stopped. Due to inconvenience and the price of the prophylaxis as it is not included in the basic health care package that my employer offers me, I just let it be. As a matter of fact, after my pre-moral tooth was extracted which, I think, was the cause of this infection, it went away.

This put me into a late adult stage of having braces. At first it was cute and catchy, but after a few months of having wired teeth, it gets uncomfortably expensive. The monthly visits to the orthodontics is killing me. I seriously want this taken off as soon as possible. Hopefully by the end of 2013.

Recently, I just entered a new chapter in my life which I found an in depth feeling of contentment and happiness. Everyone knows that I have a problem of communicating my thoughts and feelings and this moment in my life totally changed the way I see and perceive life. It has some downfalls in it and I would not deny that it is bad. I guess regulation and control are needed to enjoy and continue this new positive outlook in life. Intrigued? 😛

You might also wonder why I changed. If you really know me personally, you would know how I transitioned myself into a more acceptable well-being. I had no choice, I thought I could fight the flow and the rush of what’s society has been telling me. This might be the weakest decision of my life. I had no regrets, neither be remorseful. Well, at least I have people who supported me. Besides, Ill always be FOXY.

I’m free to be commended and critiqued.

All images were taken within 12 months as I normally update my blog periodically. If you want more sensual shots, let me know.


17 thoughts on “Who is FoxyReign?

  1. “… If you want more sensual shots, let me know” — ayos!… nag-aaya pang magpakita ng mas SENSUAL na shots!… free for personal consumption?… hehe. 😉


  2. Interesting,…. Can't wait for more. U are such a cute, talented, sexy, athletic, artistic hunk of sex appeal! Funny too! (Was that enough?) hehe- time to post more,.. It's jan, 2013!


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