The Science of Gay Infographic


Randy Blue – Blow (NSFW)

Ever since the boys if Randy Blue recorded a cover of Kylie Minogue, I would not deny that I started collecting their videos. If you want copies, I am very generous.

Then again, after the videos in Weho, the new breed of Randy Blue made another cover – Beyonce’s Blow wearing Calvin Kleon underwear in multitude. Beware, it is NSFW.


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Homecoming Commercial

Homecoming Commercial

This video was created by the Coalition for Equal Marriage who strongly believe that Equal But Separate Is Not Equal.

Same sex marriage is still one of the hottest debates especially in advanced countries where the civil rights is implicated against moral values, either by religion or by the social norm. While watching this video, you would realize that everyone is created and seen by justice equally. So why not give the opportunity to give a legal basis for homosexual marriage, not to celebrate religion, but to be equally right?

Tom Daley Is In A Relationship With a Guy

Wasn’t it a few months ago that a lot of women are massively admiring the Olympic medalist diver? He posted a video blog saying that he is currently dating a guy in which he felt that it was an instant click, like magic, and it felt right and okay.

He also says that he is still interested in girls but he is happier dating this guy.

And of course, there are haters and homophobes: