Baguio Revisited

I didn’t many pictures when I visited Baguio again because I have been to the popular places. It is just that I was carrying my camera with me and along the way, I wanted to test what would it look like in HDR. After seeing such beautiful scenery, I thought of coming back to take more vibrant photos.

On the other hand, I took some shots from the street procession during the Panagbenga Festival.

The Pole Dancer

The last time I went back to Manila, I scheduled a studio shoot with Joey with Charry as our model. Since she has been doing a lot of pole dancing recently, why not make a shoot out of it, right?

It has been so busy these days. I will keep adding more pictures as I finish post processing them since these shots are more astounding in black and white. Thanks to someone who setup the 3-lighting system. hahaha 😛

Pole Dance

Cross Ankle Release

Pole Dance Pose


Pole Dance

Front Split

Pole Dance


Pole Dance

Side Cupid

Pole Dance

Hip Hold


Cultural Overload At Penang

As my leaves pile up every month of service and to replace the legal holidays whenever I come to work, it was the time to burn some of these last month. The first time I was in Penang was when I was in transit from Thailand way back May. I didn’t have the time to enjoy its scenery because I just slept the whole night after I arrived at the main city and prepped myself to the airport the following morning. Choosing wasn’t that hard because I have heard a lot about this lively island from food, cultural events and landscapes.

I have a number of pictures I would like to share but this would be a very lengthy post if I compile it in a blog post, maybe I can add them later when I get home; i’d rather choose the relevant shots. If you want to see more, they are available on my Picasa or Facebook profile.

Let us start from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a good timing because they were celebrating their month celebration of World Heritage from June 15 to July 15. The moment we arrived there, with newly found friends, the people were astounding – there were a lot of tourists and also the locals themselves are preserving the pristine culture of Penang.


World Heritage Temple

The music players, draw, pastel and charcoal artists, singers and dancers were scattered throughout the narrow streets.


Arts By The Road

Now, let us go to the Kek Lok Si Temple. You would never miss this spot because it is one of those mostly visited places especially during Chinese New Year. Practically hiking up through an indoor staircase would give you a feel that has been developed for tourists. It was this time that I was feeling that I was being presented with too much oriental culture. I have never seen such beautiful carvings in Mandarin and Buddhist statues.


Kek Lok Si Temple

Heading up to the highest peak of Penang, the Penang Hill: For tourists, you have to pay 30 Ringgits especially for foreigners. Such good differential pricing that they can maintain an eight-Ringgits fare for the locals.

At the peak of the hill, you will see one side of Penang facing the island that goes back to Butterworth. We were not able to stay long because there’s really nothing there except for the exquisite Penang skyline.


Penang Skyline

Would you imagined that I performed all of these trips within a day? And yes, there is one more! We went up to the northern part of the island where the beach is located. Batu Ferringhi is not really that good when you talk about clear turquoise water compared to Redang or Perhentian. The beaches accommodate mostly the foreigners and the hotel fares are pretty hefty if you would consider it for a normal local tourist. Nevertheless, I am always astounded by the beauty of the of beach sunset setting, so I stayed for quite some time to experience its golden setting.


Golden Sunset

All of these pictures I posted were taken in high dynamic range. Sorting, combining three photos, mixing to the most vibrant tonal range without oversaturating everything and converting them to a computer and human readable pictures are very time-consuming, but seeing these pictures especially in print brought a big smile to my face.

I am set to return this November to attend the annual running marathon hoping for another chance to take more photos and focus on what the island has to offer in terms of its food specialty.

Thaha and Azwa's Wedding Photos

Farah (Azwa) has been bugging me to post-process her wedding pictures. She knew that I could not deny the favor not just that we are close friends but she definitely knows I love taking photos.

This was held sometime September last year. I rarely take portraits photos because I have been so busy wandering Mother Nature’s beautiful landscapes, especially beaches. I never knew that I could find some joy after capturing these lovely moments. Maybe soon, when I have a better lens with a decent aperture opening, I will do more of these.

Disclaimer: some of the photos included here were not taken by your worthy :P. Since there were two events held, the solemnization and the wedding reception, I could only attend once.