How to Earn Cisco CCT Routing & Switching Certification in Record Time

Perhaps you are a people person who would happily embrace the thrill of solving onsite maintenance challenges with Cisco networking devices and working as a team with Cisco’s Technical Assistance professionals. If this sounds like you, then you should take the next step and work toward your CCT Routing & Switching certification. Although there are multiple steps to take in order to achieve this, with determination and focus, you can become certified quicker than you might think.

Because there are no prerequisites, you can dive right into the Supporting Cisco Routing & Switching Network Devices v1.0 training course. Throughout this course, you will learn the skills necessary becoming a technician who is capable of identifying various Cisco router and switch models, accessories, interfaces and cabling. You will also learn the workings of Cisco IOS software operating modes and develop competency in working collaboratively with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center.

As part of the certification process, you will be required to pass the RSTECH 640-692 Exam. The fastest route to passing an exam of this caliber is practice with the questions and answers in the format that you will face on the certification exam. is the go-to source for real exam tutorials. Their 640-692 exam engine will thoroughly prepare you for the CCT certification exam by enabling you to practice and revisit the exam questions and answers until you have mastery of the content. By taking action on the steps above, you will be on your way to reaching your goal of becoming a certified Cisco technician.


Google Plus Gets a Revamp

As I was checking my linked profiles, I was astounded when I saw the new user interface of Google Plus. If I would compare this to the other interactive social platform, this one rocks! I normally use this to promote my entries, but in soon time, I will be promoting this, too, apart from the very active presence on Facebook and Twitter.


I have always believed that Google Plus will be competing with Facebook. It might take a while but it has a very powerful collaboration tool linked with your Google Products. If they have something like a WordPress platform, I could have used it as well.

It is just interesting why would there be a big white space at the right? Ah! It is for facebook window. Hahaha!

What are you waiting for? +1 me 😀

Free Google Adwords Coupon

When I signed up for a web host and domain, Godaddy provided me a $75 Google Adwords coupon that I could use to boost internet traffic to my site. This is for first time customers only. But did you know that Google is very generous that you can receive another coupon from them?

You would need to sign up for a new account for this to happen with a new email address and phone number. Google will review your application and they will email it to you hours after you requested for it.

$75 Google Adwords Coupon

Isang Litrong Liwanag

A Litre of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag)

Come to think of it, a light bulb that does not require electricity to produce light. This is just perfect for our fellow Filipinos who live below the poverty line and those who do not have electricity line connected to their houses.

It is given that when a family cannot sustain the basic necessity to live (food, shelter and clothing) then, why would they care for paying their electricity bill? People would just prioritize how they can fill their stomach – and it is a trend that they usually choose instant noodles and rice. Very sad, indeed.

Once there were some people in Brazil who tested this innovation which was researched and adopted by the MIT students. And now, they’re bringing the simple technology here in the Philippines.

Isang Litrong Liwanag Movement or A Litre of Light has helped residents of Laguna and Metro Manila including those in Baseco compound to install plastic soda bottles filled with mineral water and an ample amount of bleach to light up their dark homes.

The technology is pretty simple. When you pinch a hole on your roof, the light as its normal behavior, will come down directly to a specific spot on your floor as it travels in one direction. The water inside the bottle breaks this line and scatters them. When you go back to your elementary notes, this is called refraction. So, it gives a glowing effect from the natural source of energy – cheap and eco-friendly.

Now tell me, why bleach? The bleach and the clean mineral water preserves the life of the light bottle and prevents it from algae and fungi development up to five years.

These bottles are placed on a roof scrap metal and sealed with a sealant, placed within the radius of the hole on your roof. Mang Jose installs these for a minimal amount of 200 pesos. Thats less than US$ 5 for one bottle.

Given that you will not get the light you need during dusk, night or rainy season, it still provides free light source especially during summer season.

Let us all help in promoting MyShelter Foundation’s movement to help our Filipino people. Visit their website, to know more.