Hell Week AY 2nd Sem 16-17

Dear diary,

No, I am not doing the jump hiatus again. I am just stomped with work and school stuff, and it is nearing finals plus the survey this coming weekend. I will return the week after this weekend.



Forgetting, For Living

When I was young, I remember that my playmates and classmates used to bully me because of my homosexuality. As time passed, I learned how to ignore emotional attacks through apathy. Through this, I managed to achieve and even surpass my academic goals, gained a wide network of friends, made myself popular that it may have affected how validation makes me drunk for attention drawn from others I barely know.

Mastering apathy isn’t easy, you have to endure hurtful words that even don’t make sense nor logic. Maybe it’s one of the reasons I tend to avoid conflicts because I’m so used to ignoring trivial events that I forget to classify between sensitivity and things that require urgency.

Where does this lead me?

It’s appalling how people still ask about you. Not to mention that I have been hearing that you’re back in the dating game; that’s a good thing! You’re trying to regain the life you’ve lost while you were with me us. Those petty lies I heard the last time we held hands and hugged, they’re trivial, I think and with the current situation, I think I’m right this time).

For now, I really like to overcome this depression. My hormones are starting to bounce back but still far from baseline. Art has helped me to dissipate this enveloping darkness that lingers for no apparent reason. It always grounds me from becoming disassociated from losing self-identity and fires up my creative thinking that I get to pause from calculus and statistics.

Yes, I learned and accepted our fate. As I recover from this upheaval, forgetting you temporarily could be a viable solution. Not visiting your profiles ignites a good start. Besides, you’ll be occupied this weekend not like when you thought of me for a short time during the holy week.

I don’t know how long will this take but I’m always grateful for the guy who stayed.


Cebu City

This was my second time to visit Cebu. You probably can finish doing a day-tour in a day but we skipped going to Taoist Temple, Prince Cafe and Tops Lookout because it was raining the whole day due to the typhoon.

Basilica del Santo Nino.jpg

Basilica del Santo Niño

Magellan's Cross.jpg

Magellan’s Cross

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro

The city has not changed a lot the last time I visited. But it was worth revisiting the city with you.

Extreme Walk

Masking acrophobia


Bantayan Island

I usually do lone beach trips annually but last year, I failed to do so because of overwhelming schoolwork from Stat 221 (which I have to redo anyway next semester). This year, I brought Jayvee with me so he can see Cebu City, too.

Our trip started at 2AM where we were delayed by Cocoa because she decided to play in the middle of night. While I was running after her, my phone dropped somewhere so I have to use my Mac to find my phone. The uber driver almost cancelled our trip because he has been waiting for 20 minutes.

Fast forward after our plane ride to Cebu, when we arrived at the North Cebu bus terminal, as expected, the queue was long. It took us 2 hours just to ride the 165-peso worth AC bus towards Hagnaya port; considering that the bus ride was expected to be a 4-hour slytherin-road drive, we were almost on time before our scheduled check-in.

But at the port, there have been delays in accommodating the passengers to Santa Fe. So we waited for another 2 hours just to ride the ferry and another hour before we boarded and sailed to the destination island.

The shores of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island is almost as pristine as Boracay. There are only a few upscale resorts, most of the inns are Bed and Breakfast. This is actually good if you just want to rest and smell the ocean breeze while enjoying the beautiful almost-white sandbar of Bantayan.



I wish there were just more activities we could do particularly going to smaller islands but there were none.

Considering that we only roamed around the famous Kota Beach, I also didn’t expect that there would be parties at night. There were a few signages that the community does not like to have music festivals during holy week, hence the event was limited to one part of the beach where the visitors preferred to stay outside the venue and just enjoyed the sound from the concert.

Santa Fe Beach



Clear waters



I just wish that I brought my LED stick poi because there were not too much light shows during the event. Besides, I have to find my rechargeable batteries first. Maybe on my next beach trip?

We almost got stuck in the island because the Coast Guard decided to troll with the passengers that they prohibited any small vessels to sail when the tropical depression was nearing Samar despite there were no strong winds nor rain happened between the seas. So we had to find illegal ways so we can get to the main island.

Pump Boat Ride

Pump boat

Boat Ride Path

Path to Medellin

Some fishermen were offering special trip at a higher cost. We were given assurance that it would be faster because they have a different route. Not that I know of that we would be sent to a different port farther to Hagnaya which added another hour to our bus travel back to Cebu City.

If we only took the risk earlier when the first announcement of PCG denying passengers to sail, we would have not been delayed for 4 hours at Santa Fe port.