iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

When Apple launched iPhone 5, I was tuned live via posts from Engadget.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Looking forward for better features that Apple can offer, it lacked big time. I was an Apple iPhone 3G user the first month it was released in the Philippines. Currently, I am using an almost 2-year old HTC Desire HD and along with it, I have an iPad 2 Wifi only. Having these both OS’s, I can really compare what they offer and their limitations.

As a very tech-informed person, I will always go forth open source – Android. Looking at the lists above that Samsung has released, not just to boast that it has a longer list because they enumerated the added features, the new additions on Apple iPhone 5 have been like existing on mobile Android products for like, errm, months ago?

Nonetheless, it was really Apple that changed how smartphones revolve the lifestyle of modern people. The key? User interface – iOS.

The reason I wrote this was not to discourage people in getting iPhone. If it is their preference to get an Apple product which I firmly say, it is overpriced, then, go for it! The real reason is I want a new phone soon! Hahaha!

iPad 2 as Gaming Console

iPad 2 as Gaming Console

iPad 2 Gaming

The iPad 2 is out, but is it a opportune play machine? Macworld’s Chris Holt checks out Apple’s new paper to see if it’s gaming hype or a faithful play console.

Antepenultimate period, Apple launched the iPad 2 to nearly coupling bright reviews. It’s device! It’s thinner! It has a unfriendly magnetized initiate now! But gamers were sceptical.

After a few of promises nearly the “incoming enthusiastic hype,” the underivative iPad unsuccessful to redeem on expectations. What Steve Jobs titled “the most prospering consumer production ever launched” met with real short joy from the gaming community. Spell visually sensational and selling 15 meg units, the limit of property only games was borderline. From a gamer’s appearance, there was real soft payment to purchase the pricey and heavier iPad in lieu of the intelligent and varied iPhone 4.

Yet we can always bank on Apple to bring back its creations. The spring from the germinal iPad to the iPad 2 is no contrary. What was formerly a technological awesomeness is now exquisitely adjusted, one that’s garnering praise from strategy developers and critics alike.

What’s Under the Thug?
The iPad 2 inherits the homophonic 1024 x 768-pixel pass as the innovational iPad. But down that select is a much-improved diversion tool. The iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM (the originative carries half that — 256MB) — and a 200MHz bus ratio, likewise twice that of the germinal. The iPad uses the Apple-designed A5 processor, a new dual-core processor that Apple claims can fulfil twice as prompt as the 1GHz A4 scrap that powers both the iPhone 4 and the first-generation iPad.

Piece the processor mightiness be the workhorse, written susceptibility is substantive for games. The A5 processor promises twice the show of the first-generation iPad, but Apple claims the iPad 2’s written speeds are as often as ennead present faster than its predecessor’s.

The iPad 2 Tryout Mean
Of pedagogy, this increase in constituent performance needs software that’s optimized to take asset of the threefold processor cores, and so far a deficient few titles on the App Keep are level attempting to do so. Only a handful of developers somebody offered updates to their iPad titles to apply the iPad 2’s hardware. Games equivalent Epic Games’ Infinity Blade, EA’s Cold Space, Gameloft’s Mineral 6: Adrenaline, and Firemint’s Factual Racing 2 are any of the writer visually grandiose games on the iPad, and these see regularise wagerer on the iPad 2 thanks to latterly released updates.

We took Existent Racing 2 for a try thrust on both systems and not only are the graphics noticeably change on the iPad 2, but the management with the gyroscope controls are noticeably outperform as healthy. Not surprisingly, the iPad 2’s igniter body makes for an easier controller to operation — though we didn’t look the controls to see tighter as asymptomatic. As any racing fan instrument evidence, activity on the example iPad is fun due to the similarity in profile between the manoeuvre and a management move. But after tall act composer, your collection tend to get raddled due to the iPad’s
adjudicate if the controls right mat nimbler due to the iPad’s lighter salience or due to an designate with the gyroscope, but either way, we vastly promote Actual Racing 2 on the iPad 2.

Visually, we detected many info surface the car (when in third-person looking), exceed realized backgrounds, and little extract. Short details-like the edges of buildings or the way luminescent hits the car-appeared on the iPad 2 spell existence belief on the primary beginning iPad. Echt Racing 2 on the iPad 2 also has a discernible framerate shift to a business that already runs smoothly on the archetype iPad. Spell the differences in graphics and controls aren’t exactly period and day (view the visible difference between a Wii title and an Xbox job), the iPad 2 does excrete racing titles-and especially Concrete Racing 2- overmuch bed, Concrete Racing 2 hasn’t been built specifically for the iPad 2-it’s simply received an update. One can exclusive ideate what games testament visage same when developers get to designing games specifically for the construction, discernment that the control has rightful been elevated that such higher.

As developers soul only had a synopsis phase of quantify to grow for the new iPad, in term we should look games to be improved specifically to require advantage of the A5 processor and the preeminent graphical capabilities of the device. Whether these new games are weeks or months inaccurate remains to be seen.

The New Macbook Air

Macbook Air

Macbook Air

Basic Technical Specs

11.6″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz
NVidia GeForce 320M
64GB and 128GB SSD storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x mini display port
64GB – Php51,990 and 128GB – Php61,990

And they officially released the new Macbook Air. This time, is uber slimmer and lighter. In the US, the introductory price is at $999 and $1,299 for the 128GB.

As I browse their website to customize the specs, they’re now offering to upgrade the RAM to 4GB DD3. Now, I am more eager to do this next year.