Instagram May Use Your Photo



Instagram has always been close to my heart in terms of photo sharing because it is very flexible, mobile and offers a lot of a few good filters. Besides, some people post their faces on IG because they look better in non-HD format. Haha.

I never had the explore the wonders of Instagram when it was starting because I gave up on my iPhone 3G a few years ago. The processor was too slow and when I held my hands on Android, I fell in love with it instantly. Too bad that Instagram was only offered to Android users recently.

With much enthusiasm in mobile photography, I think I have captured more than 1,300 photos to date and it is expected to reach 1,500 before the year ends. That’s how much I take photos!

On the other hand, with the recent acquisition of Facebook, Instagram released a new set of privacy policy which stirred some online controversy. Why are people disturbed by this? Should you be concerned?

The new policy will start on January 16 of 2013. If you don’t delete your account before that date, Instagram can use your photo and will have the rights to yours in perpetuity – Instagram does not claim your photos but you are agreed that you give them rights to yours. All other legal stuff are posted on their legal page – read further.

For a normal person, I don’t think I would mind regardless if I am not paid for this. But there are sensitive privacy issues that may arise if your personal photo is used for public.

PS, this will only apply to the photos posted when the policy is in effect.