iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

When Apple launched iPhone 5, I was tuned live via posts from Engadget.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Looking forward for better features that Apple can offer, it lacked big time. I was an Apple iPhone 3G user the first month it was released in the Philippines. Currently, I am using an almost 2-year old HTC Desire HD and along with it, I have an iPad 2 Wifi only. Having these both OS’s, I can really compare what they offer and their limitations.

As a very tech-informed person, I will always go forth open source – Android. Looking at the lists above that Samsung has released, not just to boast that it has a longer list because they enumerated the added features, the new additions on Apple iPhone 5 have been like existing on mobile Android products for like, errm, months ago?

Nonetheless, it was really Apple that changed how smartphones revolve the lifestyle of modern people. The key? User interface – iOS.

The reason I wrote this was not to discourage people in getting iPhone. If it is their preference to get an Apple product which I firmly say, it is overpriced, then, go for it! The real reason is I want a new phone soon! Hahaha!

Unbricked iPhone 3G

I have been using my old iPhone 3G for almost two years. By the time I arrived here in Malaysia, I already had my HTC Desire HD and my iPhone 3G as my roaming phone. It was very slow running on iOS 4.x and it was jailbroken. Until it came to a point that I wanted to reformat everything and downgrade the baseband to iOS 3.x. It was a major mistake! I chose “Erase All Content and Settings” on the phone which bricked it.

It was stuck on an Apple logo loop restart until the Yellow Screen of Death showed. I googled it and turned out that the yellow thing was because it didnt have enough power. But still, I couldn’t get my iPhone to DFU mode because the home and lock keys were almost broken. Bad luck, huh?

After 3 months of being stuck doing nothing there, even after I bought a cheap phone for my roaming SIM, I finally tried to put the iPhone into DFU mode again. With the use of a 20 sen coin and the buckle of my belt, I waited the right moment (during the boot up process), even before the iPhone restarts again into another loop – I finally managed to put it into DFU mode!

At last! I heard the USB recognized sound alert from my computer! At this moment, I am currently downloading iOS 4.2. I am expecting that by the time it is done, I will be able to restore the erased iOS and upgrade it to the current one. Wish me luck!