Ubuntu Edge

I am a big fan of Canonical software, as a matter of fact, if it is not just for my photo editing software, I am already running on Ubuntu. Must to say that I keep a stock of the updated version of Ubuntu OS just to keep in handy, especially that I can boot from a flash drive. But putting your Android phone in a spectacular Ubuntu version makes your data very mobile.

Ubuntu Edge OS Convergence

And so, if this is going to be available soon to the public, I might consider getting one.

As explained, this is going to be a limited edition. So all those who pledged will get an hands on experience of this new innovation. From the looks of it, as listed on the specifications below, this is going to be a powerful phone. With the requirements needed to flash a desktop in a mobile device require a pretty hefty list of good hardware details to produce a mobile-desktop OS convergence.

Ubuntu Edge Phone

[blockquote align=”left” cite=”Indiegogo Ubuntu Edge” citeLink=”http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge”%5D

  • Dual boot Ubuntu mobile OS and Android
  • Fully integrated Ubuntu desktop PC when docked
  • Fastest multi-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage
  • Micro-SIM
  • 4.5in 1,280 x 720 HD sapphire crystal display
  • 8mp low-light rear camera, 2mp front camera
  • Dual-LTE, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4, NFC
  • GPS, accelerometer, gyro, proximity sensor, compass, barometer
  • Stereo speakers with HD audio, dual-mic recording, Active Noise Cancellation
  • 11-pin connector providing simultaneous MHL and USB OTG
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Silicon-anode Li-Ion battery
  • 64 x 9 x 124mm


iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

When Apple launched iPhone 5, I was tuned live via posts from Engadget.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Looking forward for better features that Apple can offer, it lacked big time. I was an Apple iPhone 3G user the first month it was released in the Philippines. Currently, I am using an almost 2-year old HTC Desire HD and along with it, I have an iPad 2 Wifi only. Having these both OS’s, I can really compare what they offer and their limitations.

As a very tech-informed person, I will always go forth open source – Android. Looking at the lists above that Samsung has released, not just to boast that it has a longer list because they enumerated the added features, the new additions on Apple iPhone 5 have been like existing on mobile Android products for like, errm, months ago?

Nonetheless, it was really Apple that changed how smartphones revolve the lifestyle of modern people. The key? User interface – iOS.

The reason I wrote this was not to discourage people in getting iPhone. If it is their preference to get an Apple product which I firmly say, it is overpriced, then, go for it! The real reason is I want a new phone soon! Hahaha!