Sumptuous Erotica

Alvin and Vivian: Sumptuous Erotica

When two people willingly agreed to have their intimate pleasures recorded in digital format, there’s always risk that it will be posted online. This is not the first time that it happened and scandalised the whole country, regardless if you are a public figure or just plain individuals of separate countries – Singapore and Malaysia. I am pertaining to Alvin and Vivian, respectively.

Sumptuous Erotica

Alvin and Vivian

These adults have already consented themselves to the fact that they enjoy pleasure and proud to show off with what they have. Only when this is published, then, conservatives and un-romanticists will react to such news. For people who do derision of such natural act of man, including animals, this is immoral. Who else is to blame – the society? For it dictates what the norm would do. On the contrary, they are extremists.

Nevertheless, these images and videos should have been kept privately, in my honest opinion. For whatever reason these were posted online, they have their own understanding. It us just accepting the consequences when you break from the social control.

Letter 'H'

Remember Francis? The half naked guy posted in my entries before that we shared intimate moments sleeping past half day in my room?

We’re off already. And I just heard that he has been mingling around youngsters. Should I say teenagers whose ages range from 16 to 20 years old, to think he’s passed already 25!

I can admit that I am bitter. I wouldn’t expect that I would be having an x boyfriend who’s as loathsome as a filthy bottom who would have sex with young guys whose happened to be watching porn on the other side of the street and knock on his door and invite him to have threesome.

I would perfectly understand regardless if he will have sex with 40+ or 10 guys at the same time. But hello!??!?! Straight guys who still have “-teen” in their ages?!?!?! That he even boasted to his friend that he was at the middle. Just try to visualize the letter, “H” (oo, redundant!) A straight guy, ooops a teenager behind him and another teenager, let me emphasize, a guy who’s still in highschool in front of him and theyre doing H?

No wonder I acquired UTI from him, the most recent time that I had sex with him without protection. And he even had the gut to reason out that he wasnt happy with me because I could not fuck him because I am too tired after working?

Totally degrading!


How Good Am I In Bed

Kakagising ko lang…

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You’re so good that….
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Has wet dreams of you: lethologica
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Is your offical sexy fuck buddy who is fucking lucky to have you: bprofxp
Worships you as the offical sex god/goddess that you are: toxic_ph
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