Tanita 2015

Fitness Goals for 2015

Here I am again gaining back my momentum where I fell off maintaining a healthier lifestyle two years ago. This time, for sure, I will stick to it until I reach the 3rd phase of my target and maintain it. Besides, I will be the loser again if I cannot reach nor maintain this.

SinceĀ Wordpress does not allow script embedding, you need to click on my body composition dashboard so that you can interactively look at my data.

FoxyReign's Body Composition

I used moving average to smooth the data because I do not feel that a linear trend on a time-series model is not appropriate given that I have very few data points; maybe after three months of tracking, I will include that.

What really concerns me is that I see a statistically significant correlation between the increase in my fat and fat-free muscle mass. In due time, this has to change – let it be flat or better negatively correlated variables. Ill definitely look very muscular if that happens.

On Free Platform

I guess it’s time to continue writing again.

I still have my webhost active until the end of the year, but since the database has been corrupted from some intrusion alert, the admin panel has never worked well. I can start with a new database, scratching from start, by just exporting my posts via XML but I realized that since the past few months I barely had the precious time to update, free loading on WordPress should do the trick through mapping my current domain and paying a minimal amount compared to paying a host that always gives me 404 errors. Besides, the ads were just minimal and I was really doing this to fill in some spare time. Also, I would not forget how blogging helped me with my writing skill despite I still commit a lot of errors in tenses.

Expect a few updates coming in the next few days. For the meantime, when I come home later, ill find a decent layout template, very minimal this time.

From mobile.

Hiatus x2464

How many times have w I written that I am on hiatus? Seriously, work is killing me.

For the past few months, I have not been writing religiously. Not the fact that I don’t have anything to write, because I rant all the time. I have been traveling around, too; so pretty much, I have a few image stocks that I can post. It was just in the midst of my hiatus that a footer code was secretly inserted into my PHP and a few hidden WP admin users started to show. As soon as I removed the hacked codes and users, it messed up my wordpress database – left lost for passion for blogging/writing.

Earlier, I renewed my domain and had decided to start up with a new database since I could not fix the broken 404 errors in my admin panel. It was then that I realized that I stopped my automatic database backups and left me with more than 148 days of most recent and decent backup available. So, a few blog posts and comments are gone. šŸ˜¦

Nevertheless, I am back to a fully-functional site and just waiting for my FTP to kick in and fully transfer the theme I used before. Actually, I even thought of migrating to Joomla to gain knowledge through experience but I realized that I don’t have a working database to export my data to – and so I am stuck with the glorious WordPress.

In the next few days, I shall resume blogging. Wish me luck!

Metamorphize a Butterfly

FoxyReign powered by WordPress

This has been long way overdue.

[frame_center alt=”” title=””]https://foxyreign.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/metamorphize.jpg[/frame_center]

I can still remember how Charm dragged me to create my own LiveJournal (it was still not open to public). As much as I wanted to go back and reminisce my few first posts, its very excruciating how I fail to construct a paragraph without missing the correct rules in English grammar. Until I realized that I have been staying on http://foxyreign.livejournal.com for more than 7 years.


Again, change is good. Wish me luck on this!