All Bad Things Must Come To An End

This is so good that I am addicted to it! #pun I had hesitations watching Breaking Bad when it was still on its second season because it is mainly drama. Not until the crew received a few nominations and actually won awards in the recent Emmy’s, it really proved that it is really a nice show.

Breaking Bad Season Finale Header

Breaking Bad Season Finale Header

The humor, settings, events and even the wit in the posters and scenes can be really applied to what’s happening to me. You get the jits? The current season is ending in a few days and AMC just started a 24-hour marathon this week.

Go watch it yourself – it is surely worth watching.

American Horror Story: Coven

AHC Coven Poster

FX has released the poster of the upcoming third season of American Horror Story: Coven. I love watching this show because it really has a good plot though the seasons don’t really coerce with the previous ones which they can really be flexible on how the story goes within a short span of months.

American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven

Well, didn’t I just mention a few weeks ago that one of the scariest images ever in my visual imagery is a faceless image? And there you go, they hit the spot… hard!

Warlow's True Blood: Rob Kazinsky

And so Stephen Moyer created a hybrid of a daywalk vampire when Lilith turned Ben Flynn / Macklyn Warlow into a vampire thinking he will be the salvation of vampires as he is a fey –  and yes, he is the new eye candy. Bill Compton has gone too dry being a vampire, Eric Northman is too white, mirroring the glittering pale of the moon and Alcide Herveaux has gone ass; though Sam Merlott still has it, he’s a shifter, ain’t he?

Typical gorgeous man: with dimpes, nice accent and messed up hair and semi-carpeted scruffy physique. Why does Sookie Sluthouse get all the hotmen?

Late if you call it but I am watchin him on Pacific Rim.

Arrow's Oliver Queen: Stephen Amell

This is my TV series for this month. I am almost half-way through finishing the whole season 1 of Arrow and Queen has never failed the city of Starling. I drooled over some pictures of how scruffy with those soft blue eyes and chiseled yet buffed physique of Stephen Amell. I actually find him hotter in full  beard – must be the estrogen working.