Megan Young and Devina DeDiva

Megan Young and Devina DeDiva

The moment I saw her post shared by my friend on Facebook, the rush from my chest to my norepinephrine receptors were awaken, swarming my brain if I should be on fight, flight or freeze mode; and yet, I fought.

Megan Young and Devina DeDiva

Megan Young and Devina DeDiva

It is very uncalled for someone calling ‘someone’ a toiler cleaner especially when you generalize a particular race. Racism is not so in in this generation, girl. You will get hate exponentially compared what you wrote on your timeline.

By the time of this writing, her post was taken down or she deleted it, who hell cares? Nevertheless, the screenshot prevails and I can be, Filipinos can be, if you must say, revengeful and demeaning when you degrade our proud race.

Congratulations! You are an overnight celebrity!

NAIA Yellow Taxi

Passengers Have No White Taxis Access at NAIA 3

This weekend, a concerned Filipino, Nityalila Saulo, video-documented an instance where the guards at NAIA Terminal 3 did not allow them to get a regular taxi at the departure platform. Since the airport taxi, the yellow taxi, is queued at the arrival platform, some passengers choose to get the cheaper and regular ones.

The white taxis have a flag-down rate of 40 pesos while airport taxis charge passengers a flag-down rate of 30 pesos more on. The km-rate is also almost double as the regular ones.

If you think that it is just for MIAA to release an official memorandum on the new policy, you can sign the petition on

Sumptuous Erotica

Alvin and Vivian: Sumptuous Erotica

When two people willingly agreed to have their intimate pleasures recorded in digital format, there’s always risk that it will be posted online. This is not the first time that it happened and scandalised the whole country, regardless if you are a public figure or just plain individuals of separate countries – Singapore and Malaysia. I am pertaining to Alvin and Vivian, respectively.

Sumptuous Erotica

Alvin and Vivian

These adults have already consented themselves to the fact that they enjoy pleasure and proud to show off with what they have. Only when this is published, then, conservatives and un-romanticists will react to such news. For people who do derision of such natural act of man, including animals, this is immoral. Who else is to blame – the society? For it dictates what the norm would do. On the contrary, they are extremists.

Nevertheless, these images and videos should have been kept privately, in my honest opinion. For whatever reason these were posted online, they have their own understanding. It us just accepting the consequences when you break from the social control.