Vivid Dream

Hey! I am down with flu. It sucks because whenever I get sick with influenza, my minimum recovery time is 5 days yet I am here at work on my 4th, feeling light-headed trying to finish my work so I won’t be stumped by the end of the week.

Two nights ago when I could hardly breathe while sleeping, I think I was in trance again. I remember that two years ago, I was half-awake and could feel and literally hear the audio surrounding me while I was nursing my bad hangover after going to the club with Ron and JJ. It was that time when I could feel my muscles being massaged by GABA (one of the hormones which paralyzes your voluntary muscles during REM).

But this time, it was slightly different. Though I did not feel the “massage feeling” but I definitely could control what’s happening in my dreams. Given that there was an architect who designed the setting, I literally would know how the plot would end. It could be because I was half-awake so my pre-frontal cortex provides some logic reasoning but each segment of my dream was so en pointe that I think I was understanding my subconsciousness.

In the next few days or so, I will be writing chapters of what transpired during my trance. I just wish I could remember all the minutest details but I still have a grasp of the overall plot. The last time I had vivid dreams that I could still remember was when I was in primary school – I can still picture the setting, the floral garden, the slithering wooden stairs but at the top, it was total darkness. This time, it was different a setting, from finding a rainbow umbrella, to a haunted fraternity house then towards enclosed community ran by some governor. Weird shit, right?

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