Henry Cook

Henry Cook at SS2 Mall

Recently, I have been roaming around the city looking for new restaurants to dine in before work. I have been on strict diet for the past few months and I could take some gastronomic indulge once in a while.

And so I arrived at SS2 Mall – convenient, because around the mall and even the covered parking are free of charge. Except the valet service which is ridiculously high at 6 RM! There’s not much people here as the mall is new. Its Marketing staff needs to pump up some events here or else the possible near-residential-convenient-shopping place will die soon.

Henry Cook

Henry Cook

Henry Cook is located at the Lower Ground of the mall near the restaurants adjacent to the shopping kiosks. As you walk around the paved area, you will not miss it because it has one of the striking interiors viewable from the outside.

Henry Cook

Chili and Kitchen

Majority of the food crew are Filipinos so it is not really hard for me to converse and take my orders :D. Although when you are inside, just be cautious on how you would smell. They have an open kitchen in an air conditioned room. I stayed there for more than an hour but it really didn’t affect the smell of my clothes. Though this is just an assumption, that when they’re fully packed, I bet that the smell from the food might stick to your shirt.

Henry Cook

Lamps and Post Its

The room is lit with hard tungsten lighting and most of the furniture are from Ikea. I actually didn’t think that when you combine Ikea products in one place, they’d actually look good! Magazines are near the couches and some playing cards are placed on the steel shelves.

Now to the food.

Henry Cook

Chicken Kebab and Yellow Fragrant Rice

They have mainly beef and chicken on the menu. The sauce has a distinct Turkish/Persian feel that I have never tried with other restaurants before. The meat goes well with it! Also, the chili is not the typical chili that you could find in Malaysian restaurants. I actually liked it!

Henry Cook

Chicken Roll and Potatoes

What surprised me is that this dish comes with green salad underneath the chicken roll and yet, it is also served with cucumber, red beans and some cold mayo dressing. I just though it is too much for someone who is expecting that he would be eating an omnivorous meal. Nevertheless, the meat is good. Maybe, if I chose the fragrant rice, it would have been better. Not that I am saying that the potato isn’t good, it is just too vegetarian when combined with the green and cucumber salads.

Henry Cook

Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream

But of course, the dessert. Sadly, the chocolate fudge wasn’t nice. It was warm when it was served, which is supposedly be warm. Its just that the cake was too dry. It could have been inside the fridge nearing its shelf life. I always look forward for desserts, you know. The two main dishes were okay especially the kebab sauce but it just failed on the dessert. Maybe next time, it will be better.

Henry Cook

Take Your Pick

These words on the wall, in any interior design, will always be catchy and they were! What would you think when you come across such words?

By the way, budget is from 20 to 30 RM per person.

Lot LG-54, Lower Ground Floor, SSTwo Mall, Jln SS2/72, , 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am -9:30 PM
03 7954 1125

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

Gitera much. Roxie asked me earlier if I have been at Banapple (I knew she assumed that I live nearby or I just eat a lot, so pick one). I have tried their pies and pastries for a zillion times but never got the chance to dine in at any of their three branches because they are always jampacked!

Earlier, I dragged Rui to drive to Katipunan and found our way inside the Banapple Two ahead of those people on queue. Tip: ask for a number to be on queue. These staff roam around a lot even upto the second floor, so sometimes they forget who’s who to accommodate first 😀

As expected, the food was great and I seriously need to burn these sugar intake tomorrow morning. Budget is 150-300.

Below are the screenshots of the menu and pictures I took earlier. To view hi-res pictures, go to http://picasaweb.google.com/foxyreign/20101119BanappleTwo

[fancy_images height=”300″ width=”250″]


Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes
206 and 255 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge, Quezon City
(They have another one at Tomas Morato)
4392675 and 4382675
This store closes at 10:30 PM